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Dian zi ge men zhan shi (1998)Dian zi ge men zhan shi (1998)
iMDB Rating: 6.4

Date Released : 9 December 1998

Genre : Action, Sci-Fi

Stars : Darren Shahlavi, Kwang-su Lee, Monsour Del Rosario, Tamara Guo." />

Movie Quality : BRrip

Format : MKV

Size : 700 MB


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Review :

This is what the Street Fighter movie should have been !

I have been reading many reviews of Techno Warriors and almost all them said stuff like "It's worse than seeing a 10 year old kid playing Mortal Kombat over and over again", i don't know why, but i felt that i had to watch the movie by myself, i expected nothing but mindless action.

Since that the movie is about a fictional fighting game, the movie actually makes you feel a video game atmosphere, something that the Street Fighter movie (and other video game adaptations) failed to do, this movie was probably made by guys who actually played a video game !

The action is non-stop and the choreography of the fights are pretty good, Philip Ko is a veteran in making these movies, so expect the best, most of the cast actually had experience in martial arts (you will probably recognize Monsour Del Rosario)

The most hilarious scene is when Dinosaur (Winston Ellis) defends himself from the "spaceships", those "spaceships" are animated like a poorly made flash video.

So anyway, check Techno Warrios and stay away from the reviews....shame on you guys !

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