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Deuces (2001)Deuces (2001)
iMDB Rating: 4.0

Date Released : 24 June 2005

Genre : Sci-Fi, Thriller

Stars : Tiffany Paige, Trey Alexander, Nicholl Hiren, Harold Cannon

Movie Quality : BRrip

Format : MKV

Size : 700 MB


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"What would you do if someone was living your life better than you were?" This is the question Karen Addams must answer...if she doesn't lose her mind first. To make matters worse, this "someone" is doing a better job at being Karen Addams...than is Karen Addams! A struggling journalist more concerned with compassion than "gloom and doom," she is forced to fight for her sanity, and her very life, when the unknown person starts to take over every aspect of her existence - her love life, her career and her friendships. But how can she win when the enemy is a better version of herself? Greg Johnson has a similar problem...but one that is far more dangerous. Yesterday he was a mild mannered accountant. Today everyone thinks he's a mass murderer. Greg knows that Karen may be the one person who can help him. Unfortunately, she's leading the man-hunt to capture him. The old theater owner, Kyle Mansfield, might be able to help them if, of course, he wasn't insane! One thing is for sure..."...

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Review :

No one understands indie films

I just want to set everyone straight here. This movie was written and directed by a good friend of mine and i was on set several times during the course of the shoot. By no means was any part of the budget devoted to the "cover" of the movie box. My friend Michael wrote the screenplay, produced and directed it himself. So any insinuation that the production couldn't "afford" a decent script is ludicrous. The whole movie started with the script already finished. Let me also mention that the cover art does in fact have nothing to do with the film and Michael Winnick had no part in this movie's retail. He was not even aware that it was released in any format whatsoever. The production company has the rights to use and repackage the film as they see fit and it was they who apparently played some kind of consumer game on you. No one creatively involved in the production was involved with its retailing.

Anyway, I like the movie. The hotel clerk is especially crappy, but the phone company guy was hilarious. It's kind of like an X-Files episode but without Scully and Mulder (i.e. the last 5 seasons of the show). Anyway don't miss the Special Edition with all new special effects that Michael is re-releasing in theaters next year. Because now an entire generation has grow up not knowing what the hell this movie is.

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