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Pryamokhozhdenie (2005)Pryamokhozhdenie (2005)
iMDB Rating: 6.5

Date Released : 2 February 2005

Genre : Drama, Sci-Fi

Stars : Aleksandr Anikeyenko, Sergei Chernov, Stanislav Ilyukhin, Valeri Krishtapenko." />

Movie Quality : HDrip

Format : MKV

Size : 870 MB


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Review :

A Russian story about human experiments.. And boredom.

A friend of mine and me went to the Rotterdam Film Festival and decided to see some foreign movies. Whe figured it would be cool to see something a little different then normal.

And, oh boy, did we make a mistake. The screening started with the director telling us that you should only watch the picture and that we shouldn't read the subtitles. Because we could miss some of the message's implanted in the visuals of the movie.

That was the first sign of trouble.

Now understand, I really like weird movies. I like David Lynch weirdness. I like Miiki Takashi weirdness. But this was just to much for anyone to handle.

The movie is about an artist which illustrates insects and decides to move to an old house. In that old house he finds reports about human experiments. Experiments which seem to combine human and ape to create a super soldier for the government. This information you will get from the first 20 minutes and that's about the only logical thing you can decipher from the storyline.

The whole movie seemed to be a collection of weird shots, and in the end no one in the screening room seemed to understand what this movie was about.

So in short: If you like weird movies with no plot and strange black and white shots of burning houses and trains, you should see this movie.

If you like your modern cinema, just avoid it and forget you ever visited this page for more information.

* out of 5

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