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Galaxy Hunter (2004)Galaxy Hunter (2004)
iMDB Rating: 2.7

Date Released : 1 April 2004

Genre : Sci-Fi

Stars : Shelley Michelle, Stacy Keach, Alain Benatar, Tiffany Hendra

Movie Quality : BRrip

Format : MKV

Size : 870 MB


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Well into the future, a senior interplanetary investigator, 3V3, sends a distress signal. Ginger, a tough and ravishing stellar investigator takes the assignment and follows the signal to a planet where a nasty villain, Zidian, is brewing and exporting an addictive drug called "toad." It's also he who has captured 3V3. Ginger recruits four tough female bounty hunters. We learn more about 3V3's identity and Ginger's skills at entrapment. Plus, there's Ray, a bartender who has a history with Ginger. Can the five women find and rescue 3V3, foil Zidian's plans, and escape with their lives?

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Review :

So he kills a man over hallucinogenic Visine?

What can you expect from just-under-the-wire softcore? Producer/writer/actress Shelley Michelle may be the Body Double to the Stars (notably Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman) and pretty to look at (if you go for that sort of thing) but this doesn't mean she can act.

In this travesty, the galaxy's equivalent of a Texas Ranger (Michelle) searches for her missing father. There's only one scene in space, it's all spent on a spaceship, and one cheesy Macromedia Flash space graphic later, Michelle's on a backwater planet, enlisting the aid of some bounty hunters to help find her father. Daddy Dearest (Stacy Keach) is the hostage to a group of so-stereotypical-it's-hilarious villains, led by a wacked-out "tone" addict. Tone's a highly addictive drug that Wacko and his cronies and concubines put in their eyes. (Yeah. It's that kind of movie.) Michelle manages to save the day and even acquire a love interest (the softcore portion of this movie) and all the bounty hunters do is get in her way all the time. Clearly Star Trek knockoffs, one has Klingon-ish makeup, one has Borglike prosthetics, the other two look kinda normal, and they're all still beautiful (and largely endowed) women.

To be honest, it doesn't work as titillation or even bad sci-fi. To go along with the western--I mean, backwater planet set, the good and bad guys use Jeeps from time to time. To make the Jeeps more futuristic, instead of engine revving noises, they make spaceship sounds.

Yeah, it's that kind of movie.

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