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Evil Behind You (2006)Evil Behind You (2006)
iMDB Rating: 1.7

Date Released : 31 October 2006

Genre : Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Stars : Hilary Kennedy, Manuel Velazquez, D.C. Lee, Jim Garrity

Movie Quality : BRrip

Format : MKV

Size : 870 MB


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Lisa Williams and Debra Reynolds were both enjoying evenings out when something went very wrong. Neither girl can recall what has happened as they awake locked in a dark observation room. Debra's husband, Tony and Lisa's boyfriend David are both handcuffed to operating tables and there is no explanation. No one will respond to their calls for help and there is no way out of the room. The abducted couples are unwilling victims of a scientific experiment. As the guys recover from the anesthesia, the girls attempt to comfort them. But something strange is happening to them. The men are fighting to maintain their minds. The reasons for their abductions are unknown and they must solve the mystery soon, because their confinement isn't the biggest problem. They are sensing something that is more than flesh and blood. Something else seems to be in the room with them. The longer they stay, the "more real" it appears to become. But is it real or an after effect of their surgery? Every minute ...

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Review :

How in the WORLD did this end up on DVD???

I would have given this LESS than a 1 rating if it were possible. The entire film should have been left on the cutting-room floor. What a pathetic waste of time, money and effort! Let's see...assemble the prettiest cast you can find (which of course is in direct proportion to the amount of talent they lack)...throw together the thinnest plot you can dig up...and viola! An abominable piece of trash that the director and/or producer should be ashamed to put their name on. How much WORSE can the horror genre get? And don't use "low budget" as an excuse...I have seen many GREAT low-budget fact some of the best horror classics of all time were low-budget. If you don't have the talent and ingenuity to make a GOOD horror film, then for God's sake don't make one at all!!!

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Streaming Evil Behind You Online