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Dead Meat (2004)Dead Meat (2004)
iMDB Rating: 4.8

Date Released : 1 December 2004

Genre : Action, Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi

Stars : Marian Araujo, David Muyllaert, Eoin Whelan, David Ryan

Movie Quality : HDrip

Format : MKV

Size : 870 MB


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The tourist Helena (Marián Araújo) and her mate Martin (David Ryan) are traveling by car through the County of Leitrim, Ireland, when Martin hits a man. He brings the body to his car, and the corpse returns to live and bites him. Helena looks for help in a cottage and is attacked inclusive by Martin. Sooner she realizes that the place is infested of zombies. She meets the gravedigger Desmond (David Muyllaert) and they cross the countryside trying to find a safe place. They meet another couple and they become aware that the mad cow disease has infected humans transforming them in living dead.

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Review :

Cheap, cheerful, bloody good fun

Say what you like about writer/director Conor McMahon's debut, but he knows his walking dead movies from the entrails out.

This loopy, atmospheric and gore-splattered low budget tale set in rural Ireland about mad cow disease jumping to humans and turning them into gut-chomping zombies is teeming with references and visual nods to a dozen other movies.

But whereas Shaun Of The Dead stuck largely with George A Romero's canon, McMahon's clearest inspirations are the brooding autumnal landscapes of The Living Dead At The Manchester Morgue, the invention of The Evil Dead and the unhinged splatstick of Peter Jackson's Brain Dead.

The tonal shift between horror and black humour isn't always smooth but McMahon and his enthusiastic cast hurl themselves into it with gusto, whether dwelling gleefully on the obligatory slippery red zombie picnic or ratcheting up the tension for some genuinely harrowing moments.

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