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Chi wo sû uchû (2001)Chi wo sû uchû (2001)
iMDB Rating: 5.9

Date Released : 2 September 2008

Genre : Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi

Stars : Hiroshi Abe, Sadao Abe, Yoshiyoshi Arakawa, Tomomi Kuribayashi." />

Movie Quality : BRrip

Format : MKV

Size : 870 MB


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Review :

Barking mad sequel to Crazy Lips, with a misnomer title

The first thing to be said about Gore From Outer Space is that there is no gore. I don't know what the literal translation of the Japanese title is but the English version is a lie. Having said that, this is still a passable movie. The incredibly weird plot starts with a woman convinced her daughter has been kidnapped. Her daughter may in fact be non existent, or a doll and the police think she's crazy, but then Lucy from the previous film turns up as a psychic and enlists the originals headless girls in the search. Then things start to get weird... This is baffling stuff, making Crazy Lips look like a perfect model of coherency. Aliens and conspiracy theories are involved, as well as some really weird humour and a plot that twists out of control whenever it looks to be about to explain itself. The film lacks the depravity of the original almost completely, there are a couple of slightly twisted bits but nothing too serious. The lack of shock tactics means that the film has to rely on its plot to work, and though watchable, it does get somewhat wearisome towards the end. Without explanations or any fireworks or even anything particularly funny, apart from the odd isolated moment, this is a vaguely unfulfilling viewing experience. As with the first, there is a bit of kung fu in the final third of the movie but this time round its less brutal and intense and more humorous. Its a surprisingly good scene and it gives the film a boost but its not enough. By the end of the film, I was twiddling my thumbs, watching the strangeness pile up and thinking that they maybe should have stopped with the first film ,or at the very least not tried experimenting with a sequel vastly toned down from the original. At least that one was real demented, so much so that I was a little shocked and I'm no prude. I didn't have that bad a time with this one, its well made and memorable, but it just didn't fit together well enough to really work for me. Serious lovers of Japanese strangeness might get something out of this one, other folk might be better off elsewhere.

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